Criminal Lawyer New Orleans

New Orleans criminal lawyer

The Weiser Law Firm has an excellent new orleans criminal lawyer.  Attorney Harold E. Weiser is a premiere Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer in New Orleans. For example, he has tried Murder, Rape, Gun, Burglary, and Drug Charges in Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Tammany Parish, St. Charles Parish, and St. John Parish.

In addition,The Weiser Law Firm defends hundreds of clients in misdemeanor charges in courts across Southeast Louisiana. Hence, we provide the best criminal defense possible for our clients and we pride ourselves on saving clients jobs, lives and providing second chances.

Also, The Weiser Law Firm bases it’s criminal defense law practice on fighting all points of  a criminal defense case. First, after a person is arrested or cited with a crime or violation of the law a court date is set. Next, the prosecutors, city attorneys, or district attorney’s office has a set amount of time to file a bill of information, indict, or “accept charges.” Also, the initial time frame is very important to possibly reaching a resolution to the criminal case.

So, if charges are “accepted” then an arraignment will take place. Then, the trial process begins and many steps are taken to ensure our clients rights are not infringed upon. In conclusion, our defense philosophy is to prepare for trial and put our best defense case forward. We allow our clients to have their “Day ” in court. Lastly, if you have a citation, arrest, or charges with a crime do not waste anytime.

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