New Orleans Bicycle Accident Attorney

The City of New Orleans has slowly been becoming more bike friendly. Many bike lanes have been added throughout the Marginy, Downtown, Warehouse District, Garden District, Uptown, Mid-City and City Park areas. These added lanes and biker thoroughfares are great news for people that ride their bikes to work, school, leisure or exercise. The bad news is that most drivers do not pay attention to bicycles on the road and bicycle accidents seem to be more common. Some accidents result in very serious injure or even death.

If Involved in a Bicycle Accident around New Orleans

In the event that you or someone else gets involved in a bicycle accident the first thing you need to decide is whether or not you need emergency assistance. If so, call 911 or find the easiest way to get to an emergency room. Be aware that internal injuries or head trauma may be present, but you aren’t aware of it. Depending on your situation you may still be present at the scene of the accident. When at the accident scene gather as much information about your accident as possible. The other drivers information, the license plate number, the location, names, addresses, insurance information, witness, and call the police! A police report will become very important.

What to do after my accident

Call an experienced New Orleans Bicycle Accident Attorney at the Weiser Law Firm. The main reason is that experience matters in these types of accidents. Over and Over we get phone calls from people who have tried to handle their accident on their own only to wind up with no compensation. There are steps to reporting the incident, medical recordation of your injuries, treatments and accident faults that every insurance agent is trained to looked for. If form or paper is missing your whole case could be compromised.

How Much is my Case Worth

A big question most client have is how much is my case worth. Initially, it is hard to determine the value of case. There are factors like emergency medical bill, inability to work, future medical costs and treatment, as well as, insurance information. As a New Orleans Bicycle Accident Attorney our office will try to provide you with the best answer to that question on an individual bases. Remember every case is different and results vary, but we are comitted to getting you the compensation you deserve for your injury.


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