New Orleans Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Hit and Run car accidents are one of the worst types of wrongdoings. Even if the car accident wasn’t your fault, you likely sustained injuries, and afterwards you have to pay with your own money to cover your medical bills and repair your own vehicle. Hit and Run Drivers can seriously harm or even kill unknowing victims and then flee the scene of the accident, avoiding any consequences and liability for their actions. However, there is hope if you have been the victim of a Hit and Run Accident. Drivers in Louisiana have rights, and can have damages recovered based on the state’s hit and run laws – with assistance from a New Orleans hit and run accident attorney at the Weiser Law Firm.


Louisiana law helps injured parties of hit and run accidents by allowing them to recover for damages through automobile insurance coverage. If you have car insurance in Louisiana, as the law specifies, your insurance company protects you from paying if someone hits you and flees the scene. It does this with uninsured motorist coverage. Basically, the driver who hit you may as well have not had insurance. Your insurance company will intercede, in place of the driver who fled the scene. While this gives victims an ability of recovering for damages, it in basically places you against your own insurance company.

Theoretically, insurance company will reimburse you for your medical bills and property damage expenses, however you still must show that another motorist carelessly caused your car accident and injuries.

Your insurance company can use the same range of possible defenses the at-fault party might have during negotiations, such as that you were partially responsible for the crash. To handle these negotiations and fight for the compensation you deserve, retain a New Orleans Hit and Run Accident Attorney to represent your interests.



Frequently, in hit and run cases, the two vehicles never touch each other. This happens when one car traveling on the road attempts to merge into a lane where a car already exists, this causes the second car to veer off and hit a tree. In this scenario, it will be hard to prove who is at fault, as the “hit and run vehicle” never actually struck the injured persons vehicle. The object in these scenarios is to prove that the first driver more likely than not knew they caused an accident. In all hit and run accident cases, it is the injured person’s burden to show that another drivers actions caused the automobile crash. In many scenarios of hit and run car accidents it is the consequence of the driving being uninsured or underinsured and your hit and run accident attorney will be an helpful resource in your case

Having an attorney with experience in hit and run car accidents enables you to maximize your odds of getting a settlement from your insurance company. Our firm will have an attorney thoroughly investigate your car accident, review witness statements, consult with expert key witnesses to testify on your behalf, and recreate the crash scene during the trial, if required. In a majority of cases, a hit and run car accident.

An attorney can reach a suitable settlement with the insurance company without the need to go to trial – saving our clients time and money. In the event we must go to trial, our attorneys are experienced in trial and will help you convince a jury or judge your case.


Victims in hit and run car accidents in Louisiana often are left injured and disoriented. Calling injury attorney Harold E. Weiser III can give victim satisfaction. You will be focusing more on recovering from your injuries and our office will be focused on getting you the compensation that you desire from your insurance company or a third party. Our hit and run accident attorneys will interview witnesses and review police reports, and surveillance footage to try to find the person responsible for your hit and run accident.


We know how nerve-racking a hit and run car accident can be. You can depend on our Louisiana la firm at the Weiser Law Firm to relieve you of the hardship and represent your interest during negotiations with the insurance company. Call us in New Orleans (504) 358-2273 today for a free consultation!